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The company was founded by Ben and Laura Harrison and inspired by the birth of their son, Jonas Paul. Jonas was born with a rare disorder, Peter’s Anomaly, that caused opacified corneas and glaucoma. Despite being blind at birth, Jonas Paul now has low vision thanks to 21 surgeries and the dedication of his loving parents. As Ben and Laura searched for fashionable eyeglasses for their son, they grew increasingly frustrated at the limited options for children. Ben and Laura decided to leave their careers to launch Jonas Paul Eyewear with the mission of helping children feel beautiful in their glasses and providing sight to children in need with every purchase.


Since its founding in 2013, the company has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News, Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review and other publications, in campaign’s with H&M and other clothing brands, and has garnered numerous awards for its social responsibility and design.


Jonas Paul’s refined, sophisticated look empowers children to feel confident and parents to be socially responsible with their eyewear purchases. The Harrison’s are thankful that they have been given the opportunity to make a broad socialimpact while, at the same time, helping kids all over the world look incredibly dapper.


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